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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a way of looking inside your body using magnetic fields and harmless low energy radio waves. NO X-RAYS ARE USED. It is technically very complex, but the examination is straight forward.

There is no evidence of any harmful effects on the human body from MRI scans as performed today. It should be avoided in pregnant patients, and cannot be performed safely in some patients with implanted metal devices.

Before attending your scan:

  • Ensure your MRI questionnaire is completed and your appointment is confirmed.
  • Bring any previous X-rays or scans from other radiology practices.
  • Remove all jewellery.
  • Remove all body piercings.
  • Avoid excess eye makeup or hair product.
  • Remove any nail polish.
  • If you have taken any sedation you will be unable to drive.

Eat and drink normally, and take your normal medications unless your appointment letter instructs you otherwise.

Arrive 15 minutes early for your scan. This will give our staff time to fully explain the scan to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Remove metal items such as your watch, coins, jewellery, credit cards and keys. Lock up boxes or locked cubicles for these items are available if required.

The Procedure

You will be required to change into a gown which we will provide.

You will have to remove all loose metallic items and all jewellery.

You will lie on a cushioned bed and glide into the scanner. You will hear a series of extremely loud knocking sounds from the scanner whilst being scanned. This is perfectly normal for this kind of scanner. We will provide you with either ear plugs or headphones to help reduce the noise level.

Our MRI technologist will be in contact with you at intervals during the scan, and we can hear you through an intercom at this time. We will give you a call bell to hold onto throughout the scan.

During the scan you will need to keep perfectly still as movement will degrade image quality.

Depending on what part of your body we are scanning, the whole process can last between 15 and 45 minutes.

Some scans require us to give you an injection of Gadolinium contrast agent to improve visualisation of tissue within the body. Allergies or reactions to Gadolinium are very rare.

Your referring doctor will receive the final scan report. This will normally take 3-4 working days but can take longer in some cases.

Your referring doctor will give you the results of the scan.


Before the scan you will need to have filled out the patient questionnaire and post it back to us in the pre-addressed envelope to confirm your appointment. Please phone us if you have answered "yes" to any questions.


No anaesthetic is used for an MRI.

Patients who suffer from severe claustrophobia may need a mild sedative for the scan. This can be obtained from your family doctor.



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Clinical Trials

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